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Budapest V., Váci utca 67. Open: 7 days a week 1200 - 2400
Foglalás telefonon:+361-2662607, +361-2662608
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About Us

The restaurant located in historical downtown Budapest, is not only know for its stylish stained glass windows but also for setting the standard sin home-style cooking. Renown for such memorable dishes as the bread buns filled with Vetrece (Sour Ragout), the bean soup with cabbage and pork, the pasta (resembling Ricciolini) with cabbage and crisp duck filet as well as the giant cottaga cheese dumplings – to name a few. The atmosphere of the large oak benches and tabels along with the refreshing draft beer recall th ebest Hungarian restaurant traditions. The large portions are served in roman clay dishes or iron skillets, as we say: „just like my mother used to do!”.